Ok guys, I know I haven't posted for what, a month now? Yeah....sorry 'bout that. I will try to be at least a little more umm....argh!!! Don't you hate it when you can't think of the right word and you know that there's one particular word that you're trying to find so you sit there for like 5 min trying to think of it and by then you've forgotten what kind of word you were trying to think of in the first place and.......well, that happens to me a lot. It's annoying. Kinda like Zeke! I mean, ....... never mind. Anyways, I'll try to post more often(or something like that), so like, hopefully at least once or twice a month?=D

We get to start doing dissections in Biology soon! I think we get to dissect a worm next week.=) I'm excited. I must confess though, that the part that'll be the funnest(yes that is a word; in my book at least...) is grossing out my girl friends.=D Yeah, that's fun. Of course, I'm a girl myself, so sometimes I have to pretend I think it's gross, and some things are gross, but most of it I find extremely interesting.=) I got excited just reading the instructions. Just think how awesome it'll be when I actually get to make incisions and figure out exactly which guts are which...anyways...=)

Umm, so some of you might possibly be wondering how the horse is doing... he's good. It's weird though, because I really don't talk about horses much because most of my friends aren't really into them (or if they are they've learned too) so I don't ever bring the amazingly awesome creatures that God created to help fulfill our longing to fly into the conversation. I used to, but then I learned not to. I really don't know very much about horses considering how much there is to know, but it's so weird to think how little even my fam. knows. Like today, Isaac told Zeke that he knew more about horses then Zeke did. So I started quizzing them w/ super easy questions like: What's a stallion? Describe the color 'bay'(the best color btw).

Yeah, so Zeke ended up knowing more and Isaac kept telling me to ask different questions, but I'm not quite sure what all he knows. He didn't really answer any of the questions....oh, he did know what a saddle blanket was/is?. But Zeke only kinda-sorta knew what a gait is and.....I guess I should do a better job educating my family huh? Fail.

I miss you Becky!!!!!!! I'm glad you can go to college and learn stuff and all, but I miss not being the oldest at home and (not) doing dishes all the time and being lazy...=)jk I miss you for reasons besides that too.=) While I think I am getting a little bit more responsible and don't complain most of the time I still feel bad because the thought of, say, unloading the dishwasher just doesn't occur to me till Mom asks me to do it. You're good at that stuff.=) I just kinda try to catch up w/ school and dream about the days it won't be muddy and I can ride Bourbon every day and stuff.

Well Daddy just informed me that I need to get off the computer so I guess I'll have to get off now. See y'all later!=)