Packing Dilemma

Two reasons for this post:
#1-I figured I should have at least one 2013 post.
#2-I didn't feel like posting two FB statuses about the same event within 5 min of each other.

                So, college is weird. It's like you're on your own, but just kidding, not really. This presents many unique challenges, but the one presenting itself tonight (the day before Thanksgiving Break) is clothes. I can never remember what clothes I left at home or if I brought most of my clothes to school. I spend most of my time now with my base in Kentucky instead of at home, so one would think I brought most of my clothes with me. But, this semester is unique in that I'm actually off campus like half the time and wearing pretty much the same clothes because of the activities I'm partaking in. So I know I tried to bring less clothes because I knew I wouldn't use them all. I still brought too many/have too many in general. Because I have too many clothes, I periodically go through them and get rid of as many as I can. Well, that's not totally true. I could get rid of all of them except for one or two sets. Hmm. Anyways, I generally go through and get rid of clothes as I'm packing for college at the beginning of each semester/school year. So I can never remember what clothes are still at home. This makes it difficult to pack for say, a week-long break because I want to pack light (haha, good one), but I want to be prepared for anything I might do over break. Being at college and being me (3rd child of 6 that I am), I rarely have a great idea of what my family's schedule is over breaks. So I end up packing for every day plus lots of running clothes (just in case) and realizing that I didn't really need that much. But then, sometimes I wish I'd brought types of clothes I didn't. But it's different every time. And I almost always pack the night before (or the hour before) leaving...Hmm, 2013 Thanksgiving break challenge: pack entirely in one backpack. Hehe. If I succeed, my parents will be shocked.