Horse Stuff


Romeo had this weird thing going with his mane, so I decided to look it up. Basically, there's this one spot on his mane that looks like really bad dandruff and has lost a little bit of hair. Fortunately, it's not a very big spot. Anyways, I looked it up and I think it's either dandruff or something else that I can't remember the name for. Either way, both happen because of lack of care! Well, at least lack of grooming and stuff. Apparently I need to brush/wash his mane more often...=\ Maybe it's not dandruff. Maybe it's some super rare disease that no one's ever heard of and I'll get to name it something super random and weird(I wouldn't name it after myself, that'd just be boring.)! Of course, I should probably just wash both of the horses manes and tails regularly and brush them whenever I ride and see if it goes away.....

Oh. We don't have Bourbon anymore. We decided not to buy him, and I think his actual owners may have found someone else to buy him. I'm not sure how I actually feel about this. We parted on good terms though. In some ways, it's really nice just to have 2 horses(and those 2 be the R team), but then of course only 2 people can ride at a time. And Bourbon was really smooth. But he was stubborn and old... oh well. Just thought you should know. Not sure why.....



Painting Pictures

Before we painted it was all just white. So, I figured it wouldn't be that hard to picture, so I didn't take any pictures of that. I just took pictures before and after we moved the furniture. Let me know if you like it!=)



So, with all this extra time that I have now I've decided to fill it as quickly as possible!=) I recently got a couple babysitting jobs and will start my other one soon. And since Isaac was going to be gone(he'll be home Friday) Mom suggested that now would be a good time to paint the kids' room(I&E share). So for the last 3 days(in between babysitting jobs) Mom and I(and Zeke and Andy too) have been painting away!=) I've been wanting to paint that room for awhile because I knew it'd be fun and it was very boring and white.

Mom let me decide what all the walls would look like(what colors and such) and I think that'll be pretty apparent when you see pictures.=) The wall with the door and closet we painted blue. the other 3 walls we painted white to be added to later. Then on the wall with the window, Andy painted a thick green stripe and thinner white and blue stripes at the top of the wall(like a border). The other 2 walls were adjoining, and on those(this took the longest, the other stuff we got done the first day) Mom and I painted diagonal stripes!=) The green stripes are the biggest, the blue stripes are a little smaller, and the white stripes are a little smaller than the blue. Every other stripe is white, and the other every other alternates between green and blue. It looks really cool(if I do say so myself). Oh yeah! We painted the door frame, closet door frame, and window frame green.=)

Isaac dosen't know about it and neither does Becky. Becky's coming home tonight, I'm excited!=) I have to go take the tape off now. I will get pictures of before and after we put the furniture back. TTFN!