Little Brothers....

Wow. They annoy you, they tease you, they annoy you, they throw MANURE at you(when you have curlers in shortly before performance, yes this happened today), and on very rare occasions, they are fun to be around. But they're mostly annoying. Anyways, if I smell like manure tonight, I'm really really sorry! But it's Zeke's fault all the way! If you really care, I'll tell you the whole story later........=p


The Beautiful Woods

God loves us so much that when He created the world He made so much variety that we should never, ever be bored. As I took a walk in the woods this afternoon I saw all sorts of little flowers and frogs, and the cascades had a lot of water in them and the pond was full and the temp. was nice and warm! It was good to relax and enjoy His creation for awhile.=) Just the thing for refreshing my energy, I'm going to need all I can get for the next few days!! Four PoP performances including 2 on Sat.! It's going to be super fun, but also super exhausting! Anyways, I took my camera on my walk so you can enjoy some of what I saw. I'm sure it's no where close to the real thing, but I got a few good pictures for you.=)

These are a few of the frogs I saw.

Trampoline/Jump-rope Fun

Zeke has been jump-roping on the trampoline. It's actually pretty hard because while you stay in the air longer, you're also on the "ground" longer. Anyways..........he's been trying to get multiple rotations(like 2 or 3) of the rope in one jump. He finally kinda got 3 and here's a video of one of his attempts. He didn't know I was recording it.........=) That is, not till he found out. Then he was very eager for me to post it on my blog. So here's for my indescribable brother!=)


After-affects from awhile back.

Most of you know how Becky loves to experiment on my hair. I love it and it usually looks pretty cool too. Well she likes doing weird things w/ braids and there's a few versions o a "head-band braid." Well she'd found a new one to try and it worked out ok. Then I took it out the next day. Wow. My hair can get really frizzy! Do your bad-hair days ever look like this?? I hope not! Actually, most of my hair days are bad.....

These pictures are of one of the trial run w/ sponge curlers. It turned out pretty good. Too bad I had to play soccer before rehearsal.

Putting in the Curlers!

Here's some pictures of the curling process. I did them myself(Becky was gone) so I don't have any of actually putting them in, just of what I look like half-way done and finished. Oh, I had some sponge curlers left over, so I did Elizabeth's hair too!=) I don't know if she'll keep them in long enough to work, but I hope she'll make it! I think sleeping on it will be the biggest problem.....in fact she's at a friend's house right now taking a nap. Wonder if they had to take them out first....... guess I'll find out! While I'm waiting for my pictures to load, I think I'll go do something useful. Like, maybe do some school.=p Ok, I didn't end up doing school, but I did get a snack!=) Pringles are good when you haven't eaten lunch. Well I wasn't hungry then. Anyways, here are the pictures.=)

OK, I admit it. I was having way too much fun! But hey, when your other option is school?!?!?! Besides, I got most of my school done later.........(I guess that's an ok excuse).

And now for the show stealer (who is way too cute for her own good).................Elizabeth!!

Sorry about then massive amounts of photos, I tend to go in spurts(I almost typed splurts. no idea what that means). Thanks for sticking through to the end! Sorry there's no reward.......

Wow. I can be really random!! Sry 'bout that!



I know, I know...... I'm way over-due w/ pictures! I think I'll post some after it's all finished so I can get the best ones possible!=) That way, you won't have to see all the bad ones(unless you have facebook and know Benjamin.......then it's hopeless)!

Totally Consumed by it and Lovin' it!

If you've ever been in a play(a musical especially), you probably know that somehow, someway, everything that anybody says relates to the play. Whether it be something someone says, does, or even the way they say something, it immediately makes you think of some part of the play. That's when you know it's starting to take over your life. It's not a bad thing, but it does get kinda annoying when no one else knows what you're talking about when you start singing "The pirates! The pirates, oh despair!" Or the funnyer(if that wasn't a word before, I now declare that it is!) version, "The pirates! The pirates, oh my hair!" It's kinda sad when you realize all the fun they're missing out on.....=( Oh well. At least when you're w/ one of your theatre buddies and they think of the same thing, you can sing it/say it and be weird together!!=) I love you girls!!!! Can't wait to see y'all Thursday!!!!!=)


Going Great so Far!!

The first two performances for the Pirates of Penzance went really well!!! Both shows were sold out which made the stage super hot for the actors, but also helped us get pumped up too! I don't think anyone noticed the lights or anything which means all those behind-the-scenes people(who, in my opinion are some of the most important people) were doing their job.=) Of course there were a couple of minor mistakes(including a parasol snapping in half!), but everyone covered very nicely/professionally and I don't think the audience noticed. Great job everyone!!!! Thank you Papa for the flower! That was very sweet of you. Oh, and the brownies were great Jenna! Thanks a million! I miss all you piratey people so much already! Good thing we have more performances!! But after that........no, I'm not going to think about those horrible dark days to come!!!!!!!!!!! I will see some of you today................of course I don't think the people I'll see read my blog, but oh well. Sorry to all you guys who aren't in the play. Maybe you can try out next year!!=) I'm really tired. I don't have any pictures right now, but so many people have taken pics that I might just steal someone else's........ I will try to take some pictures this weekend....... maybe next time I post I'll have some for you!! OK, I'll stop rambling on and on and on and on and on...............................well you get the point. TTFN!!(I love Tiger!)


Fun w/ Curlers

You probably already know this, but I'm in the play 'The Pirates of Penzance.' We have a dress rehearsal tonight so last night(while watching one of the movie versions of POP) my wonderful sister Becky put rag curlers in my hair. I have to wear them through babysitting so they'll be nice and curly for tonight. Gotta go!


Just Some Random Pictures

I think Becky must have taken this picture on one of her walks...... I love the colors!

These are some flowers from our trip to New York when we toured Monticello.
OK, yeah this was a long time ago but......

There was a street mall thingy somewhere along our trip and I thought this display(if you can see it) was kinda neat.

This is in front of a hotel we stayed at in Kentucky.

Zeke in the car........
A King snake......I think.


Pirates of Penzance!

Here's the flier for the play I'm in. Hope you can make it!!


Flowers and blossoms and.........random, o my!=)

It was so nice today that I decided to go outside and take some pictures of all the beautiful flowers and buds on the trees. There's also a few random pics in there....=)

This is a crabapple tree we have in our yard which is, as you can see, in full bloom. I thought the blossoms were gorgeous!

Here's some daffodils that Mom and Becky planted last year. The other ones, well I don't really know where they came from......

These are just random flowers/blossoms I found around.......

Sorry guys, I know this is a lot of pictures but thanks for sticking w/ it so long.=)

For some reason, my camera did not want to focus on the flower but on the leaves. I tried a whole bunch of times but this is the best I could get.=( Oh, well. I thought the back looked kinda cool.

I have a few more pics, but I'll have to post them another day. I have to go to bed now. Good night!=) Hope you enjoyed the pics!