Putting in the Curlers!

Here's some pictures of the curling process. I did them myself(Becky was gone) so I don't have any of actually putting them in, just of what I look like half-way done and finished. Oh, I had some sponge curlers left over, so I did Elizabeth's hair too!=) I don't know if she'll keep them in long enough to work, but I hope she'll make it! I think sleeping on it will be the biggest problem.....in fact she's at a friend's house right now taking a nap. Wonder if they had to take them out first....... guess I'll find out! While I'm waiting for my pictures to load, I think I'll go do something useful. Like, maybe do some school.=p Ok, I didn't end up doing school, but I did get a snack!=) Pringles are good when you haven't eaten lunch. Well I wasn't hungry then. Anyways, here are the pictures.=)

OK, I admit it. I was having way too much fun! But hey, when your other option is school?!?!?! Besides, I got most of my school done later.........(I guess that's an ok excuse).

And now for the show stealer (who is way too cute for her own good).................Elizabeth!!

Sorry about then massive amounts of photos, I tend to go in spurts(I almost typed splurts. no idea what that means). Thanks for sticking through to the end! Sorry there's no reward.......

Wow. I can be really random!! Sry 'bout that!


  1. haha Elizabeth is adorable!

  2. You're plain crazy, Abby:) lol, you're awesome though!


  3. Yep! Abbi Lala is CRAZY! But, I'm sure you had fun doing the hair experiment. Thanks for sharing them with all of us.

  4. Yes the hair was fun.=) I don't know, being crazy is pretty fun too.=)


    p.s. Elizabeth looked better w/ the rollers in. We had to take them out before bed-time though... o well, it was fun while it lasted.=)