Up-date on Jenny, she sprained her hip and has been out a few weeks, but she was at practice Tues. and played a little. She's hoping to be able to play this weekend in the Springfield tournament. Keep praying for her!=)



One of the threats I received for not playing 'Go Fish' w/ my little bro Isaac.

" I will cut your back in half and destroy your lungs. I'll destroy your kidneys and all the kidney beans!" -Isaac

Boys are so violent.


RHAA Volleyball Games

For anyone who enjoys watching a game of volleyball, both JV and Varsity have matches tomorrow(Tuesday)!=) The JV game starts @ 7 w/ the Varsity right afterward. Both games are at the Redeemer gym. I think admission is $1 family cap. $5. Or something like that.=) There's also concessions. Oh, btw, I'm on Varsity this year.=)

Oh, yeah.....volleyball reminded me. We need to be praying for Jenny Williams. Right before our home game Friday, she dove for the ball and in landing, jarred her knee/leg/hip in such a way as to rearrange something and make it hurt. Not quite sure what's wrong, but she said it felt like a nerve was getting pinched when she moved in certain ways. I'll try to get some more current info., but I thought she would appreciate our prayers. Hopefully it is a fixable problem and she'll be able to play the rest of the season. But more importantly she's a great friend and a child of God.=) Thanks!


I & E

Isaac and Elizabeth.... Oh, my. Give those two random articles of clothing, some cool hats, a few accessories, and they're set for at least an hour.=) Here's a few pictures of their latest original outfits.