Now, most rodents I don't like. Especially mice. But, I stumbled on these pictures on the computer and even I have to admit, they can be super cute.=) These aren't very good pictures, but, oh well. If I'd have taken the pictures I'd have taken about 30 then had to delete all but the best 2 or 3. That could take awhile.=/


Yeah, I know volleyball isn't quite done yet, but I did want y'all to know RHAA is starting basketball. We had an open gym tonight, and there'll be another one Thursday- Girls from 6-7:30, Boys from 7:30-9. Hope you can make it! Oh, yeah. It's at the Junior High in Rolla.=) I think Practices Start the first week of November.



Well Varsity played pretty well last night, and I know I had a ton of fun!!=) JV played great in the first game and won it, then didn't do quite as well and lost the next 2. I think the other team got a bit warmed up. Especially one girl, wow! She had an amazing spike. Anyways, Varsity won both games.=) And after both teams were done playing a bunch a the fans came out and started a game, and that was super fun!!=) Too bad I didn't serve as amazing in the real game as I did in the pick-up game..... o well........Mr. Hamacher had some awesome serves too, and Elise and Jenny.=) The other team had a few good serves, but those are just some of the amazing peoples on my team.=) Thanks to everyone who made it to the game!


I'm FINALLY done w/ Algebra I!!!!!!

Ugh! Algebra is terrible! Anyways, I'm done! Procrastination is a terrible thing, but I'm finally done w/ last years' Algebra!! Geometry isn't nearly as bad as Algebra was.

Results & Up-date

I'm proud to say both volleyball teams won their games. It wasn't a super hard team, but I did feel that we played a bit better than we have been.=) Since Jenny is still hurt and Martha had to work(she couldn't change her schedule last minute), I got to play middle hitter! And we still won! And this is remembering that I started this post like 3 weeks ago......=)

So, Jenny's better now, but a couple of the other girls are sick. Please keep both VB teams in your prayers!

Since the State tournament was canceled, we get to go to nationals!=) It's gonna be fun.=)

O yeah, the JV & Varsity have games tonight(Oct. 16th). JV plays at 5 @ Redeemer & Varsity plays right after, about 7. I think we're playing Maranatha, a team we haven't played yet this year. I think we beat them last year, but I have no idea how good they are this year....so... come watch some volleyball and support the team!=) Hopefully we'll be awake today.


Dr. Manuel& Company

As many of you know, our family has been involved in some mission work down in the country of Ecuador, where my grandparents were missionaries when my mom was a kid. One of the missionaries names is Dr. Manuel, and he has asked for prayer, reagarding regarding road closings that have occurred in at least seven of the Ecuadorian provinces.

The road closings, demonstrations and marches are being undertaken by the indigenous nationals in protest to the government and concern water rights, etc. They are setting up roadblocks with burning tires and other means of blocking the highways. You can check this out on www.OSAC.gov. Because Dr. Manuel works as a traveling doctor/missionary, he heavily relies on being able to travel to the areas in which he works. He was in Tombo yesterday where the International Church Planters (ICP) from Arkansas are about to complete the pastors six weeks of training. The main road (rt. 35) was closed so he had to travel very dangerous roads to reach Tombo and back. This coming weekend a team of 24 will be arriving in Ecuador to do evangelism and medical care. I believe they will be based in Tomba and will need to be traveling in some of the provinces where roads have been closed. Dr. M. will need to travel back and forth between Cuenca and Tombo several times, over these very dangerous roads.

Please pray for the safety of Dr. Manuel, Juan, Pastor Lucas, and mission team who will be working and traveling.

In case you were wondering, I copied this off Becky's blog. She's a much better writer than I.=)

VB Tournament!

Wow. We did so much better this weekend than last weekend!! The tournament was down in Springfield again, but there were more and different teams. And I must say we played much better than the previous weekend. We were all in a good mood most of the time and therefore got along w/ each other and therefore, played as a team, and much better than when we play as individuals. Great job out there girls!!!! The Pizza Inn fundraiser went great too! Thanks to everyone who came.=) I'm actually procrastinating right now, so I should probably go do school....=/ Ta, Ta!