Hey people.=) Sorry for not keeping up with my blog at all.....=\

So Becky, Mom, and I decided to do the Atkins diet. I think it's good that we're all doing it together. I know a lot of people say Atkins is bad or dangerous, but my mom has done it before and it's really helped her. If you do what they tell you to do and everything it's all good.=) Anyways, we started yesterday so we'll see how this goes.=) The first 2 weeks are called Induction and we're only allowed to eat 20 net carbs a day, so if I happen to be eating with you and my plate isn't completely filled like it usually is, that's the reason.=) So don't freak out or anything.;) Oh yeah, I'm not doing this diet because I think I'm fat or because I'm trying to lose a ton of weight or anything. Yeah, I'll probably lose weight, but it'll be the weight that I don't need. I know I'm not fat, but I definitely have fat that I don't need, and I'd just like to get into a healthier eating style. After the first 2 weeks or so we'll start adding fruit and stuff back in and we'll be allowed to have more carbs. The first day went well and I'm looking forward to having more energy. I also started running again a few weeks ago and was doing really good with running every day I was supposed to with the schedule I have, then it started raining, and Mom and Dad were gone for the weekend so I slept in and basically, I was lazy and didn't run for a few days.=( But I ran this morning with my daddy on the trails and had a good time, so I think that was enough to motivate me to keep at it.=) I love running.=D TTFN!