Becky has a fish. His name is Jorge (I was wrong, but I corrected it). He's supposedly hard to kill. Becky left him here this week. I guess we shall see if this theory holds true or not.;}



I'm testing something I just discovered about Word. Apparently you can blog directly from Word. I guess we'll know if it worked or not!=)


Sweet 16, Finally!

My birthday is Thursday!=) I'm really excited. Mainly because that means I can get my license Friday.=)

(This is for Mrs. Q)
I love driving. There's something about being in control of something so powerful and going so fast(comparatively) but still being under control. It's kind of like riding a horse, but you're never afraid of falling off, just going off the road maybe. If you think about it though, that's not as scary. There's just something about falling that seems to be scarier than almost anything else. Another thing I love about driving is the opportunity it provides to go much longer distances to visit friends and family. Friendships can become much stronger when you get to see your friend multiple times a week instead of maybe twice a month. Plus we can live farther apart, so if we wanted to, we wouldn't have to see each other very often. (Getting a bit off subject, sorry...) Anyways, driving is pretty much awesome for a bunch of different reasons.=)