It's a Ball!

The Jovial Beggars are hosting an Autumn Ball on October 30th! I'm really excited.=) It's in Salem in the City Hall(I hear the hall has a really nice wood floor and a balcony above the dance floor where you can watch) The ball starts at 6:30 p.m. and the cost is $7. There are also workshops beforehand that cover piano, other musical instruments, calling, and dancing(imagine that)! Some of the workshops cost a little as well, but I know the dance workshop is free. I know it's going to be super fun, and you all should definitely come if you can!=) It is a ball, so you should wear something a bit fancier, even period dress if you have it. I'll be wearing a dress I made last year from the French Revolution era(or whatever). ;) I can't wait to see all of you!=D




I think most of you know that Zeke plays soccer right? Anyways, Dad's the coach, Zeke's on the team, and I go to the practices and games when I can.=) The team is really good this year apparently, because we are undefeated!!=D Isn't that exciting? We have a lot of good players, but they actually work together most of the time. It's pretty awesome. I just wish I wasn't too old to be on the team.=(