Well, I've done it. I've made one of the "big decisions". First off, I've decided to go to college. And, amazingly enough, I've finally decided where I'm going to go (with lots of help from my parents of course)! This fall I will be attending Asbury University in Wilmore, KY. Wilmore is a little town in the middle of Kentucky about 20 minutes southwest of Lexington. The area is beautiful and so green! The main reason I chose Asbury was because of their horse program. The major I'm looking at is actually a double major called Equine Facilitated Wellness. The 2 majors are Equine Management(now Equine Studies) and Psychology. I got to sit in on a class while my mother and I were visiting and I could easily see myself learning right along with the other students(mostly girls) in the horse program. The equine facilities are nice with 2 barns, an indoor riding arena, and around 300 acres of land with several trails. A unique aspect of the horse program is their Police Horse Training Program in which some of the students get assigned a 2 yr-old colt (a young male horse) to train for several years. I thought that sounded pretty great.=) And that is in addition to all the other things I'll be learning. Anyways, I really liked what I saw, especially the hands-on approach they use which works well for me.
    Asbury is a Christian university, so I'll be learning from a Christian perspective without leaving out non-Christian theories and such. The school is small so the professors get to know their students a little better than at a larger school and the ones I met were very willing to help their students (and us). Also, the dorms are segregated and I'll be required to live on-campus all 4 years, so I'll get to know the girls in my hall/dorm really well.=)
    And now I'm distracted and am done talking about it.=P So anyways, now I feel old and grown up (kind of) and it's weird, but ok.=) And I'm also kinda sad because A Tale of Two Cities will be my last Fine Linen Drama production for awhile at least.='( And I'll be leaving lots of people behind of course.=\ But then, I'll get to meet lots of new people in KY and I'll be learning lots of new things. So I think it'll be worth it.=) Well, that's where I am with life right now. I wonder if anyone actually reads my blog? Hmm, oh well. It's a good place to vent my detailed-ness.=)