The Beautiful Woods

God loves us so much that when He created the world He made so much variety that we should never, ever be bored. As I took a walk in the woods this afternoon I saw all sorts of little flowers and frogs, and the cascades had a lot of water in them and the pond was full and the temp. was nice and warm! It was good to relax and enjoy His creation for awhile.=) Just the thing for refreshing my energy, I'm going to need all I can get for the next few days!! Four PoP performances including 2 on Sat.! It's going to be super fun, but also super exhausting! Anyways, I took my camera on my walk so you can enjoy some of what I saw. I'm sure it's no where close to the real thing, but I got a few good pictures for you.=)

These are a few of the frogs I saw.

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