In Illinois

**WARNING** VERY BORING(yet again)

I've arrived safe and sound in IL. Got here some time shortly before supper on Wednesday. But to back-track a bit, Wednesday morning I woke up and got ready to run as usual, only to find that it was raining outside.=( But since it wasn't raining very hard and I'd be running in the woods most of the time, I decided to run anyways.=) Besides, running in the rain is FUN! It was the first time I'd been in the woods w/out AF, but I figured I could remember the trail well enough not to get lost.......thinking back I probably should have gone the same direction we'd gone the day before(on the scavenger hunt) but I didn't remember there being that many forks in the path. It went OK for the first half, but then I chose a wrong fork, and while I was going the right direction I kept running into houses(not literally). I finally decided to make my own path and I found a road. I figured out where I was on the lake and found my way back, but I was totally soaked. O well, it was fun, though my tennis shoes are still wet. Anyways, I'll try to stop rambling now..... We had a big breakfast of pancakes, sausage and eggs, then we packed up and were on the road by 9:58 a.m. We got to the farm and I quickly(for me) transferred my clothes to my suitcase adding all the other clothes, stopped by Melissa's to get the shoes I'd left in her car and went to meet Mrs. Q at a gas station. The ride down was uneventful, we didn't stop and listened to Odyssey tapes the whole way. Oh, Malachi had a really bad headache, not sure if he's ok now....he did sleep part of the way though.........We met G-ma and went to pick up my cousins(from Dubai) then went out to eat at an Itallian restaraunt called.....Biaggies. I was complemented for my great posture then we went to G-ma's house and set up a game she'd bought that called itself "ladderball"(otherwise known as "hillbilly golf"). I soundly trounced both my cousins Ben & Nick.=) Also played some euchre.=) G-ma & I vs. Ben & Nick. We won the fist game 10-8, lost the 2nd 2-10, won the finals 10-3.=) Got them while they were still confused(jet-lag). I'm tired, good night.

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