I was over at a friend's house for a couple nights last weekend and Dad decided to surprise me!I had previously been bugging Dad to call our friends that owned Rylee to tell them we were still interested. So, while I was gone, w/out telling me, he did call them! He said he wanted to have her here when I got home, but it ended up that they brought her on Tuesday. I was so excited!!! When I got home I asked him if he'd called them and he said "Yeah." "Well, what'd they say?" "They said they could bring her over on Tuesday." "!!!!!!!!!" Then I gave him the big hug he deserved.=) Sometimes I like being surprised, and sometimes, my Daddy's a pretty cool guy.=)

I'll end there. I will tell you more later though. Sometime.

~A very happy girl.

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  1. HoooOORAY!! I know that you are going to have lots of fun with her! :)

    btw, I really miss you!!!

    and another btw, when the music started playing on your blog, I think that I jumped. lol, I just wasn't expecting it. :)

    Love, Jenny