So this is what life is like!

Well Annie is over now and it was a lot of fun.=) Of course, I couldn't really do much besides Annie for almost a month, but it was fun.=) It's so strange now, being able to do things. Like I get to ride my horses almost every day now.=) And all other sorts of other possibilities open up as well.

Have I mentioned that Zeke was playing baseball this summer? It's over now. They had a good last game though! Zeke pitched well(he's one of their main pitchers), and there were some really good plays. They played the 1st place team(they were 3rd or something) but were ahead most of the game. The last inning we kinda fell apart, but, on the whole, I'd say it was a good game. Plus, friends came to watch, which always makes everything more fun!=)

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