Those of you who know me pretty well probably know that I'm not a very good decision maker. It often takes me a long time to decide anything, from what I want to eat a restaurant, to what I wear every day. And most recently, where do I want to go to college and what do I want to major in? The important decisions are the worst, because I really care about whether I make the right decision or not. So that's where I am now, trying to figure out what the best direction to send myself would be and trying to make wise decisions lining up with God's plans and not just my own. Fortunately, I'm not a very good planner-type person, so as long as I can figure out what God's plan is for me, I should be good.=) Sometimes, I wish that my parents would just make all the decisions for me and I would just go wherever they tell me to and I wouldn't have to make decisions. But then I figure that I should learn how to make important decisions on my own (no matter how much I don't like it), because they're going to keep coming at me and I won't always have someone there to decide for me.=) And it would be really silly if I couldn't make decisions on my own. But as long as someone is here to help me make important decisions, I will definitely take advantage of that! But I really wish there were just fewer options. And that I had a more focused interest maybe? I'll figure it out eventually. Hopefully before I go somewhere...

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