Ecuador Part 2

Here are some pictures that were taken while we were in Ecuador. Not sure who all of them were taken by, but o well. Since there's so many pictures, I'll do it chronologically in a few different posts....I'll be putting pictures from every stop we made in Ecuador, so there's going to be a LOT of pictures. You definitely don't need to feel like you have to look at all of them!=)

At the airport in St. Louis. Jan Bloom was so kind as to drive us up in the van the Hickles were nice enough to let us borrow.=)
Elizabeth got to ride in the luggage cart in Miami.
Waiting to be picked up at the hotel in Miami.
We had to wear the masks on the way to Ecuador. Silly Swine Flu.

Nate Saint's house in Shell.
The little plane we flew into the jungle in.
The 5 from our family who went in plus the spiritual leader, his daughter, and another guy from the village. Forgot the names....
A few of the little kids in the jungle.
Uncle Brad was so good w/ the kids.
The beginning of the tour we never got to finish on account of rain.
You can see the super high volleyball net. I guess they play w/ a soccer ball and the rules are a bit different...=) Not much spiking on that net that's for sure!=)
A tree. In the jungle. It's big.
We got to go down to the river...
Zeke, Isaac, & Me in a hand-made canoe.
This is a lemon tree. I guess the jungle makes stuff big(well, except for the people...).
We gave them some balloons!=) The girl w/ the baby was probably only 10 or so.

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