Well Zeke insisted that I post this, and I suppose I should.... We have 2 youth groups in our church, Senior Youth(all the kids that have been confirmed) and Junior Youth(about 5th grade till conformation). Well, we(the people in SY) were trying to figure out a good way to welcome the huge class that got confirmed this year into the SY. Somebody came up w/ the idea that we should kidnap them one sunday and drag them to church in their PJs. Great idea right? Well it worked for a few of them, but some of them decided to get up early and get ready for church......before 7:30(church is at 9). The girls got the girls and the guys got the guys. It wasn't as fun as it could have been, but Zeke did have to come to church in his "PJs"- sweats & a T-shirt. None of the kids had fun pajamas either. Very disappointing.

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