Ecuador Part 3

Here's some more Ecuador pictures!=) There kinda random, but all of them are from Banos.

Our hotel in Banos. Btw, we stopped in Banos on the way back from Shell/the jungle.
Our hotel and the waterfall in Banos.

A terrible picture of me by the waterfall.
They had like 14 stalls right in a row that sold exactly the same thing.
A house in Banos. Notice the slide.
A cute fruit bear in Banos.

An awesome flower in Banos. I think my dad took this picture.They had a nice hot tub.
Some of the cool view from the hotel.
Cousins Playin' Pool

The gorgeous waterfall.
I love this one. With the mountains behind I think it looks really cool. Actually it was really cool, temp-wise and otherwise.=)
The view from up by the waterfall. I love panoramas!

A very pretty cathedral.

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