Becky's birthday was yesterday. She turned 18. I now consider her as "old". =) It's actually kinda scary to think of my big sister as an adult(though she's acted like one pretty much all her life). So I guess there's a whole bunch of stuff out there that you can do when you turn 18. She googled it and there were a lot! I doubt she'll do all of them though.=) Anyways she's been a pretty good sister through the years...well, when she's not being bossy.=) Naw, she's not super bossy any more, but she used to be! I love her anyways(even when she says I can't sing...). <3

Love ya sister!! Hope you're 18th-wait that'd be 19th- year of life is amazing!!=) Thanks for being a good role model for me(and showing me what not to do too.=) Like getting a boyfriend right before you go off to college...;) ) Anyways, hope you'll have fun every time you come home whether it's your birthday or not.

your lil' sis,


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