So, I'm in this Co-op thing and one of the classes I'm in is speech class(my Dad's the teacher). For the last assignment we got to do a debate. We finally picked a topic- Is it OK to Lie in Some Situations? Or, Should You Never Lie?? Kelsey Q2, Josiah Nisbett, and I were on one team, and Sarah Hickle, Kayla Brown, and Laura Cook were on the other team. Me, K, and J argued that while lying as a rule is wrong, there are some situations that it's OK. The other argued that there's never a time to lie. We won.=) Well, no one officially won, but I think our arguments were better and we smashed there arguments better than they tapped ours.=) It was kinda fun once we got into it...we ran out of time though.......oh well.

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