Well I've decided not to play basketball after all. I'm actually just taking a break from sports, giving my body a rest. I had issues w/ my back during VB season, and towards the end of VB my ankles started bugging me. Mom and Dad just thought a change in sport would do the trick. Well after a couple weeks of basektball practice, I realized that my back had started bugging me again, and I kept hurting my ankles (mainly my right one, but my left one's been bugging me some too). So I decided (w/ some parental advice) that I wouldn't play basketball this year. I'll probably do what Becky ended up doing- score-keeping and such at most of the games...Now my problem will be to stay in shape over the winter. If all the days would be as nice as today was, it'd be easy to get outside and run. But, I guess even Missouri has to get cold sometime.

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