So, I think it was yesterday, Zeke & Isaac decided to build an igloo. They started from a fort wall they'd built before and it's gotten pretty big. As soon as I found out what they were doing of course, I helped too. I've mostly carved out the inside, envisioned & instructed, packed, and supervised(to make sure my instructions were carried out). I did haul a few wheelbarrows-full(?) of snow though. Zeke has mostly hauled and did the initial carving and a little after we enlarged. Isaac has umm.......oh! he helped clear out a lot of the snow is was getting from carving out the inside. Not sure what else he was doing; probably playing Star Wars. Anyways, I got some pictures for ya! I tried to get some of the inside and w/ Joy(dog) inside, but that just didn't work. Joy was just too busy trying to lick my face to pose for a picture.


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