Goin' Good

Well, Pride and Prejudice has been going well so far- we've sold out 2 shows so far and expect to sell out at least a few more if not all the rest.=) All of our audiences(big and small) have been great and that always helps.=) I hope that all of you who weren't able to come this past weekend can come this coming weekend! But you'd better get your tickets quick.


  1. Hello Abby,

    My name is Elizabeth. I am a good friend of "Quakflock" who lives up in MI. I found your blog through them.

    That is so cool that you are in Pride and Prejudice! I love the book and the movie, it sounds like it would be a super fun play! I was just in "Annie" up here in MI, and I had a super fun time... Hope you do too!

    I hope I can get to "know" you through blogs!


  2. Hi Elizabeth. nice to "meet" you.=) I'm actually going to be in "Annie" this summer! I super excited!