Fun(not) w/ Fire!

I suppose I should tell you what happened.... Monday I guess it was. Well, first of all, it was super nice (around 70) and I really wanted to work outside(weird huh?). So I asked Dad if there was anything he wanted me to do(he said no), then I asked Mom & she had me move some chairs from the shed to the deck. Then she said we might have a bonfire on Friday(if it doesn't rain) so would I clean out the fire pit? So I started "cleaning" it out and everything was going great. I decided to burn some of the grass around the pit so it wouldn't be so prickly (and so I wouldn't have to bring the mower all the way out). Then I cleared some grass & brushy stuff that was bugging me and when I was finished w/ that, I decided to burn that grass too. Well everything would have been perfectly fine had Elizabeth not run into the shed where Mom couldn't see her. I'd seen her(Lizzy) wandering toward the shed, but I assumed (of course) that Mom was watching her. So there I was, tending the fire around the pit, pouring a "water wall" so the fire wouldn't go too far(a.k.a. into the wood pile) when Mom calls out if I'd seen Liz. Mom said I needed to look for her and when I found her bring her back to the house. So (w/ some consternation) I left the tiny little fire outside the pit and went to go get Elizabeth. She was in the shed, so I took her inside and went to the bathroom then headed back outside. Well, I could see the fire from the house and it was rather tall so I told Mom I'd be outside then ran to the fire. (Wow this is getting really long, sorry, I'm really bad at summarizing.) Anyways, I got to the fire and started frantically pouring bucketfuls of pond water(thank you LORD for the pond!) on the fire, but soon realized that I should start pouring a water wall instead. Isaac saw the fire and came to help me and we managed to keep the fire from spreading to the long grass, which was my main concern. I guess the fire had jumped over the bricks that I was about to pour water on when Mom called me and spread to the brushy pile and along the bank.We finally got it completely put out(my capris were totally soaked by then ) and Isaac wanted to stay by the little fire (in the pit) for a bit! I told him I was done w/ fires for the day and that we needed to go inside.=) At least he had fun pretending to be a fireman. I was almost inside when I saw Dad pull in and head down the road towards the shed. I guess you could see the black from the road(bummer huh?) So I had to go out and explain everything to him , but he took it rather well. He wasn't really mad at me but very concerned about what could have happened. Then I went inside and told Mom. I knew she'd be fine. It was Dad I was worried about if you know what I mean.=) I wonder if the black will wash away by Friday?=\

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