Hair-cut Time!

If you've ever seen my dogs you know that they have long black coats. Not the best for Missouri summers. So...........I decided to give my dogs both a haircut! Before we've tried an electric razor thing meant for dogs, but I guess their hair was too thick or something because it didn't work. Last year I gave Joy a terrible hair-cut w/ scissors(one of Dad's clients even asked if she was part poodle! she is NOT!). Today, I started on Joy(w/ scissors again, but hopefully it won't be as bad) and got most of it done. I still have to do her hindquarters, but I couldn't see, so I had to stop. I did the first half on the trampoline, and it's got a LOT of hair on it! I'll hopefully get you some 'before and after' pictures(and maybe half-way in-between) and I'll take one of the trampoline too.

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