Sisters and Shopping

For those of you who aren't Becky's sister, and who aren't completely lacking in anything that even resembles style, you can't know how truly amazing Becky is. If I ever match, it's because of Becky. (*warning*- totally random) For the end of the year basketball thingy for RHAA, coach had all the girls write something nice about each girl. Either a word that described them, something you remember from the season, whatever. One of my things was most stylish. Becky and I looked at each other like "what?!?!" and it was very hard to stop laughing. I have no idea how I got that one, but the only thing I can come up w/ is that when I play sports, sometimes I wear long socks. I have 2 purple pairs, 1 red, 1 rainbow, 2 yellow, etc. I guess someone likes fun socks as much as I do!=) Anyways......................................before we go anywhere away from home(except for sports) I usually ask Becky for advice on what to wear. She's kinda like my personal fashion advisor.=) The only time I don't ask is when I know whatever I'm wearing matches because she's told me before that it matches. Well, since Becky will be going to college this fall..............................I won't have anyone to tell me what matches. Mom's ok, but I don't like to bug her 'cause she's usually dealing w/ the little kids. Anyways, Becky offered to go through my wardrobe w/ me and tell me what goes together and what you never ever ever ever wear together and fun stuff like that.=/ She also offered to take me shopping because, as it turned out, I had a few things that didn't have anything that went w/ them and I didn't really have any "spring" outfits or shorts(besides sport shorts). So today, Becky took me shopping and we went to 3 thrift stores and Wal-Mart(for flip-flops) and got everything I needed. OK, I didn't really need any more clothes, but I did get ride of some when we went through my wardrobe. THANK YOU BECKY!!!!!!! Love ya sister!=) <3

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  1. Awww, thanks hun. I love you too - it was great fun! You totally should have kicked me in the rear and snatched the clothes I bought out of my hands though. It's okay - I didn't spent too much. <3