You know what hurts?? Getting a hot glue burn. I was playing around w/ the hot glue gun and a little bit got on the palm of my hand under my pinky/ring finger on my right hand. Also got a little burn on my middle finger on my left hand which I discovered when I just now started typing. Ouch. Of course I probably won't learn from this and I'll be playing w/ hot glue sometime in the near future. Then I'll get burned again and it will hurt awhile then I'll do it again. I've done this several times before, that's how I know. You something else that's fun and I always end up getting burned by?? Making wax balls when the power goes out. I'm sure there's a better way to do it then the way I do it, but........... I just pour a little melted wax(which is super hot) into my hand and shape it into a ball. I go around to different candles and just keep adding wax. Next time you happen to be at my house I can show you the one I made before Mom made me stop.=) I would take a picture of my hot glue burn but it's not very impressive. It definitely hurts though!=) I guess that's what I get for playing w/ hot stuff.


  1. lol, playing with hot glue can be fun... Candle wax is entertaining, too, but it's a lot hotter than hot glue...ouch!