So Tired

I don't know about the rest of you, but I am really tired right now. And what's really frustrating, is that I can't seem to be able to take naps. I think my problem is that whenever I do try to sleep, as soon as I lie down I start THINKING!!! I guess it's because I'm not doing anything else, but it's really annoying. What would be amazingly nice is if I could stop time in the middle of the night and sleep for about a week. I might be rested after that....maybe. So for those of you who will see me in the near future....I apologize in advance for being dead(or very close to death).


  1. Same here!! I can NEVER take naps! Even though I am very tired...

    Can't wait for the hike!!


  2. Ditto! I have SUCH a hard time taking naps- you hit it right on the head, always THINKING! Be careful- I caught a cold Saturday afternoon and I hope I didn't get anyone else at the party sick...

  3. Tired?! In the middle of the day?! You're crazy!!
    I can't fall asleep when it's light (not that I ever need to).

  4. I love taking naps. my problem is trying to fall asleep when it is nighttime. I am a major night person.