Most of you probably know that I LOVE running. My problem is that I usually don't have enough self-discipline to make myself get up early every day and actually do it. Well I'm on a roll right now.=) I think I've run every morning since Mon. The past 2 days Dad's run w/ me and the dogs always go along.=) I've been using leases for the dogs(for when we meet cars on the road) and they've been doing pretty good. My dad is convinced that, given a year to get in shape/train, he could win the marathon for old people his age next year. Like I said, I love running, but I'm really super slow.... when Dad gets in shape I'm not sure I'll be ale to keep up w/ him....oh, well.......I beat him yesterday!=) Wow, not much of that goes together real well. Anyways, I'm hoping to get in shape for volleyball and because I get depressed when I'm really out of shape. What's really hard is staying in shape during summer(I know, you're probably thinking, "Don't you run around outside all day during the summer? You'd think it'd be easier......."). The problem is that I want to sleep in and by the time I wake up, It's too hot to do any running(for a long time that is...). That will be my goal this summer, to stay in shape(after I get in shape...=)! Oh, I almost forgot!(actually, I did forget but now I remember!) I'm really weird and I don't know if this is normal, but running gives me energy!! Yeah, I'm tired for a few minutes right after I run, but in the long-run it makes me less tired. If I don't run for a long time I get really tired and lazy.=( Anyways, time to go babysit!

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