My Day

Just got home from soccer practice, we got rained out a lot so they extended the season a couple of weeks. Not the best for people going on a 21 mile hike the day before the last games, then playing at a graduation, doing other stuff I can't remember right now, and going to a cast party. O well. We might make it to the first game. Anyways.................Zeke had a baseball game so I got to walk to the baseball field after soccer practice. I forgot to bring other shoes, so I was stuck w/ my cleats. Not the best for walking semi-long distances on concrete. I did seriously contemplate taking off my cleats/shin guards/socks and walking barefoot, but....................I saw a broken bottle and there weren't any nice places to sit in the immediate vicinity, so I suffered in my cleats. It actually wasn't that bad. I almost missed my parents though. I was going to meet them at the game and I got there right as Dad & Zeke were leaving(Mom had already left). We went to Mobil on the Run and got amazing 25 cent slushies. They were good. When we got home dinner was lentils and rice. So good!=) Well I'm going to go wash all the sweat from soccer practice off and go to bed. Good night!

p.s. for those of you who care, I am keeping up w/ my running. In fact, I beat Dad this morning!=) We might extend the run to 3 miles tomorrow, so this might be my last post. It won't be such a bad way to die........=) TTFN! (or forever...)

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