Here Am I

Well, here I am in Michigan.=) I arrived safe and sound Wednesday evening, had pizza w/ Aunt Feather & Uncle Dick, then we watched a movie. Thursday, I went running in the morning then Aunt Feather and I went riding on their trails for about 2 1/2 hours. It was fun and I only fell off once!=) I'm fine btw.=) Then we ate lunch, packed an overnight bag and came up here to their cottage on Rose lake where we are presently. We got here about 4 and I rode around the lake on one of their jet skis, a couple times w/ Aunt Feather to get me used to the lake then a whole bunch of times by myself. It was really fun!! The water's a bit cool, but it's not really bad.=) I also swam to "the point"(it's not very far) and back, then, I took the paddle boat out and back. After that we had dinner(hamburgers), and a campfire w/ marshmallows. The mosquitoes aren't too bad yet, but I did get a couple bites..... Anyways, today I'm going to go running, then maybe take the Seadoo(jet ski) out for awhile....we're going back to the farm this afternoon and we're going to go see some barbershop which will be fun as I've never seen barbershop live.=) Well, I'm off to run! Hopefully I can find some time later to post some more.=)

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