Michigan 4

Well, now I'm here at the cottage looking out on the lake, and it's a very pretty site.=) We were going to come up Friday, but our plans changed and we came up Saturday instead. Like I said before, it has been really hot up here, at least at the farm. When we finally got here after 3 stops at 3 different 'Menard's' to pick up tile stuff(they're re-doing the bunk-house bathroom) we arrived an d found that it was about 10 degrees cooler up here than at the farm. Not unusual, but disappointing none the less. It is warmer then last time we were up here though, and that's nice. Also we'll be staying for a few days this time and B & M and the girls are coming up this evening. Most of the rest will be boring so you can stop reading if you'd like.=) This is mostly to help me remember what I got to do while I was up here. Sat. before we came up, we went to the Middleville 4th of July parade. It was definitely a small town parade, but fun anyways.=) Then we packed up the horse trailer and the back of the truck w/ all the stuff UD and Burk would need to remodel the bathroom. That included 38 or so bags of cement, a cement mixer, 12 some boxes of large tile and 16 little tile packages. We got most of the tile and all of the cement at the first Menard's we stopped at, but they didn't have all the little tiles we needed, so we had to stop at 2 others along the way. At one of the stops we stopped for food(either lunch or din din, I think lunch) and I got a salad and an oreo shake thing. Mmmm.... When we got to the cottage, AF and I helped UD unload the truck then we went swimming. It wasn't really warm, but the air was warm enough and the water cool enough to feel really good after sitting in the car for two hours and standing in a store for the other 1 or 2 hours of the trip.=) This morning I got up and had a few pieces of toast forgetting that I can't run after eating. So I read for awhile and mowed the lawn, giving my stomach time to digest, then went on a 2mi run. Well actually I had to walk a lot of it because my silly lungs decided to give me a hard time. Hate it when that happens. Kinda hard to run when you're wheezing and gasping for breath.=) I made it back alive though and went on a Seadoo ride w/ AF. She took the little one and I took the big one. After a bit she went back in but I stayed out a while longer and had a lot of fun!! Since it's the weekend there were more boats out, but since it was, is cold there weren't too many out to make it no fun. One thing fun about other boats is the waves they make!=) I had so much fun jumping the wakes of other boats(not too close of course)! Since it was pretty cool and the wind was cold, I wore a wetsuit which I'd never done before. On land it was pretty annoying and restrictive, but in the water it was really nice! I think I would have frozen to death w/out it!=) After the Seadoo ride I lay down on the grass in the sun and read for awhile then we ate dinner-chicken(really good!), salad, potato salad, and green beans. Sometime during the day we had a lunch of PB&J, a typical lunch w/ AF & UD.=) I don't mind at all, because I love PB&J! I've sometimes been known to eat several sandwiches at once, but I've been limiting myself to 1 or 2(usually 2). Hey Becky, remember that time on our trip to NY that I ate 5 PB&Js at once?? You were so disgusted! That was fun.....=) Btw, I do miss all you guys back in Rolla(and everywhere else), even though I'm having such a great time here.=) I've had a lot of time to just relax and read while I'm here and that's been really nice.=) I finished all the Agatha Christie books I brought( I think I brought around 5), and the 2 books that were really 4 books each(that'd be 8, or rather, 13 (counting the AC books) for those of you who are mathematically challenged=D), so all I have left is the Odyssey and my Bible. But I also brought along some leftover school that I've got some of done. Things like copying each lesson verse and point to remember from Purpose Driven Life so I can stick them in a scrapbook. I think I brought some other stuff to but........the copying will take awhile cause I'm writing it in calligraphy. Anyways, while the girls are here I most likely won't have much time for reading, seems like they never run out of energy!=) Some of y'all might think that's shocking coming from me but compared to them I'm just an old lady(who happens to be able to pin them and buck them and push them into the water, and managing to escape the same fate). Wow! I just looked back on what I've written and realize that I've been babbling on for a really looong time! Oops, sorry to bore you so terribly, but I did warn you I suppose.=) Well I'm going to go outside and enjoy a nice pinecone campfire w/ AF. TTFN!(ta ta for now!)

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  1. "Mathematically challenged." HA! that would be me, I guess. Since I had to read that sentence like 10 times to realize where you came up with 13 books.

    (I finally understand)