In the Dark

So, we've been having lots of rain here and a couple of tornado warnings and such. Last night we had a lot of rain and thunder/lightning. Also the power went out! I love it when we have no power(as long as it's only for a short period of time)! Since we couldn't find any flash-lights, all we had for light was candles. I think the power went out around 8:30 p.m. and came back on around 11:45 p.m. Our G-parents are here right now and we have a family "tradition" of playing euchre while they're here. (for those of who who don't know how to play euchre just ask next time you see me and I'll teach you how to play!=D) Anyways..............we got to play euchre by candle-light and that was kinda fun.=) (G-ma + Me vs. G-pa + Zeke. We won.) Then when everyone went to bed, I took a candle to my room and read for a while. The candle turned out kinda cool. And I actually have some pictures for you!!!!

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