Silver Dollar City!

The Pettijohn family went to Silver Dollar City(SDC) this weekend and were kind enough to invite me to go along w/ them. Renee and I had a lot of fun together and we got to ride all the good rides I think as well as walking around the park and looking in the different shops. It was good for me, as I usually go to amusement parks just for the rides and hanging out w/ friends of course. It was kinda fun just walking around and we still managed to ride the rides too.=) Another thing that was a lot of fun........'back-round:' we went to Six Flags a while ago w/ some other girls(for JW's B-day) and found a nice little spot to dance(English Country Line Dance to be exact). So we felt we had to up-hold the tradition(plus it's just super fun to dance!). We found a great place to do it- right behind one of the theatre things in the square. There was a group singing called "Pure Heart" so we had some good christain, country/bluegrass, and even some yodelling to dance along to.=) It was fun(except that we got super sweaty) and we got to talk to the band(two sisters and another lady) afterwards a bit. They were really nice.=) And yes, I do have some pictures from SDC for you.=) Renee took most of them except for the ones of just her.......

This one is right after 'Wildfire'(the best ride in the park). In the first attempt(not pictured) my eyes were almost closed. I made sure I opened them in the second attempt!=)

There was a pretty waterfall....
We had some fun trying on the funky glasses they had.(We tried on a lot more than pictured!)
We also tried on hats.
While waiting for the train.......
The train finally came.
Guess who?=)

Renee had her hair done in a pretty halo thing.Renee


  1. That's funny. Sarah & I went to SDC with friends last Wednesday.:)
    ~Rachel H.~

  2. Ya, I heard about that.=) Too bad we didn't go on the same day....


  3. It's pretty obvious that the first ear picture is of you, Abby. Sorry, but the freckles give it away.

  4. O well, it wasn't very hard.=) We had fun though.=)