Michigan 3

On Father's Day we went over to Melissa's parents', swam, had dinner, and went for a pontoon ride(they live on the same lake Burk & Melissa live on-Duncan lake I think). As a result of all the rain they've been having up here, the lake was super high, but it was pretty. Since then I've done all sorts of stuff and I will try to sum it up for you.=) Aunt Feather(AF) and I have gone riding a lot, though the horses aren't used to being ridden quite so often so we can't ride them every day. I've helped w/ the garden and meals a little, and also mowing. The pasture was getting kinda high in some places so I mowed the tops off, but I had to go over some of it 4 times because it was so so thick/tall! It's been really hot up here and humid too. AF & UD(Uncle Dick) aren't used to such hot weather and AF especially doesn't like it!=) There was one day when it was like 95 degrees and really humid w/ absolutely no breeze. That was the day AF decided to catch up on some paper-work(inside!) and I read pretty much all day. That was fun, but I felt very lazy. We actually rode on one of the really hot days and UD said that I was the only person who could get AF to ride when it was this hot!=) AF & UD are awesome and we all get along really well. We're making jokes all the time and UD is continually teasing me. I spent the night at B & M's and the girls were very excited about that.=) We played in the water a lot since they live on the lake. Their neighbors have this raft thing that's basically a square of white styrofoam. They let the girls use it and we had fun w/ that, all 4 of us can just barely fit on, though as soon as I get on the whole thing sinks about a foot. Which also means I'm the main one that has to keep it balanced- which is not the best job for me to have as you probably know.=) It was ok, though one time it tipped and one of the girls' head's happened to collide w/ my nose. It bled a little, but I kept playing and eventually it stopped. I was more careful though.=) Right now I'm sitting in AF & UD's kitchen trying desprately to remember everything I've done in the past few days.=) AF & I went on a short ride this evening and it was pretty nice. The weather has cooled down a little and Burk helped UD install an attic fan a couple days ago(no AC in the farmhouse) and that has helped a lot. On the ride we saw a little racoon(which was very cute) and 3 deer. We also took some pictures!=)

This is one of their fields of wheat which I thought was very pretty.
The horse AF is riding is Rocky(he's a Quarter Horse(QH). The horse I rode is Empress who is half Arabian, half QH. All the pics of me on Empress are on AF's camera so I'll post those when she gets them loaded on her computer.=)

This is me right before we rode trying on the hat I wore.

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