Wow, this year's going by really fast! Last time I checked it was February and we were just starting PoP practices. Now everyone's starting summer activities and the weather is super nice! Let's see, PoP is over, and we've finished band, basketball and soccer are done, I'm still getting to work w/ horses a bit which is always super exciting. Actually, one of Traci's(the lady who's teaching me) mares foaled(she had her baby) 2 days ago! He is super cute and I got to play with him a little bit today. They haven't named him yet but they's come up w/ something soon.=) I love baby animals! They're always(well almost always) super adorable and so soft...........we watched the colt and his mother running around for a bit after we let them out of the stall. He took off kicking his heels and having a ball. Duchess made sure he didn't get too far away.=) After that I got to ride a really tall black horse named Midnight. He's a sweety.=) But one thing I'm not used to is horses w/ soft mouthes and curb bits(which put more pressure on their mouth) so when I started I was keeping the reigns too tight and he started pulling his head up. If I'd of kept pulling back and up he might have gone right over backwards with me on him! That wouldn't have been good. But, I finally heard Traci yelling to release tthe reigns and he calmed down. But I felt really bad about that. Now I know not to do that again though!!=) After that ordeal, I was much gentler with him. For some reason I tend to ride with my hands up higher than I should and my elbows bent too much. I'll have to work on that.=) Anyways, I think I've bored you enough for now so I'll go do something useful, like maybe help my mom w/ the quilt we're finishing for Camp David, or maybe I'll go to bed.......well as Tiger in 'Winnie the Pooh' says, TTFN!(Ta Ta For Now!).

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