Michigan 2

The Barbershop Chorus/Quartets were awesome! Everyone harmonized so well and they had some funny songs too. Most of the guys were old but there were a few college students and 4 of them have been singing together for a year That quartet was pretty good for the guys being so "young".=) Right after the concert, it started raining pretty hard, though according to the radar, the worst of it missed us. Anyways, we lost power after being home about 1/2 hour. I went to bed after reading by candlelight.=) Sat. we were still out of power and Uncle Dick couldn't get the generator working, but the neighbors invited us over for breakfast(they got their generator working). So while Aunt Feather & Uncle Dick drove over after their morning walk, I(they'd let me sleep in) ran to their house and back after breakfast. As I was just running up the driveway to the farm, Aunt Feather & Uncle Dick's son pulled up. His family got here around 11:30 p.m. Friday night.... He has 3 daughters(which I might have mentioned before) the oldest being 12 I think. We get along pretty well and they came over a bit before dinner to play. Uncle Dick's birthday was a week or so ago, so they took us out for a birthday dinner to a mexican place. The food was good and they sang for the birthday boy and made him wear a sombrero.=) 'Twas fun.=) Then we all went back to the farm and us girls had a bunch of fun rolling down a pretty steep hill and wrestling/fighting. The youngest, Britta, wasn't as much into the fighting so she played w/ their mini Pincher, Chico(not sure how they spell it). He's so cute! Anyways, when Britta left, instead of 3 against 1 it was 2 against 1. Kyra & Karlee against me. Those girls are pretty small and super skinny, so it wasn't too hard.=) Then I almost scratched one of them w/my ring, so I took my ring and necklace off so I could be a better "Bull"(they were trying to ride me at the same time and because they're so light it was indeed possible!). Then Karlee stole my jewelry and I had to fight her for it. We ended up on the deck w/ her sitting on my lap not being able to get away.=) She finally gave it back though.=) Then I read for awhile and went to bed. Sunday is my "day of rest" so I don't run, but I still had to get up moderately early because AF & UD's church service starts at 8:30. Since I've come for 3 summers so far I'm kinda getting to know some of the people and it's kinda fun to see who remembers me and how many people I don't remember.=) Anyways, right now we're sitting in the house talking about what we're gonna have for lunch, or if we should just have a snack. We're going to go to the girl's other grandparents for a father's day get-together. I think AF and I will go riding again today, probably after lunch. Well, I think I've bored you enough w/ my "doings" here in MI, I'm pretty much terrible w/ summaries. I do think that is the worst part of English in school, summaries! oh, well.........I'll try to get some pictures for y'all......


  1. Sounds like you're having fun girlie! At the moment, I'm not missing you too much, because I've been home alone all weekend, and it's kind of nice and quiet! But I do miss, and I'm looking forward to seeing you 4th of July. Lots of love,

  2. Sounds like you are having a great time, honey! Glad you have this special time to yourself :) Enjoy....

  3. It is lots of fun! And while we are doing a lot of things, there's time for some R&R. I spent almost a whole day just reading!=) I suppose I miss yoiu guys a little, and it's good to know you miss me.=) Can't wait till the 4th!