Some of you probably already know this, but I'll be going to MI for 2 weeks to stay at my Great Aunt Feather's(yes that is her real name) farm. Aunt Feather & Uncle Dick are my dad's aunt & uncle and when he was 16(I think) he stayed at there farm for a few weeks in the summer. He helped a lot w/ their fields and general work around the farm. He also got to ride horses a bit while he was there, and as you probably guessed that was the main draw for me to go up for a couple weeks. Of course, I'll be helping w/ the work too, Aunt Feather has a pretty big garden and I'll help weed/pick/plant and I'll also help w/ meals and cleaning and stuff. Another thing I'll get to do up there is play on the water, jet skiing, tubing, possibly water skiing....etc. Aunt Feather & Uncle Dick have a cottage on a small lake and they have jet skis and a couple tubes and kayaks and a paddle boat too. They also have a son w/ a house on a bigger lake and he(and his family, wife + 3 girls(oldest about 12?)) has a boat and water skis and tubes and such. They also have wake-boards, but I don't think I'd be able to get up on one of those.....=) Anyways, it'll just be a nice relaxing time away from business, ya I'll be doing lots of different stuff, but when you compare it to living w/ 5 siblings, all w/ their owns activities....it is comparatively relaxing and slow. I'm looking forward to it!=) So, I think I'll be up there about 2 weeks, I'm going up Wednesday w/ the Qs(very kind of them to give me a ride) and I'm not quite sure how I'm getting back, but I think maybe the 3rd I'm somehow getting to my G-parent's in IL for a family get together then I'm coming home just in time for volleyball camp.=) Well, I'll miss most of you who'll read this(ok, I'll miss all of you........maybe, if I remember to=D) but I'll be home for a week in a half or so after VB camp before we go to Ecuador for a family reunion! Hope I'll get to see at least some of you sometime....................=)

Oh, btw, I'm not sure if I'll be blogging in MI or not. Aunt Feather & Uncle Dick have a computer and Internet and stuff, but I don't know how much time I'll be able to spend on the computer. If it turns out not, I'll try to remember so I can tell you when I get back in the 5 seconds I'll have before VB camp.=)

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