My Turn

Well, I figured since I put the dogs through that awful haircut(which I still haven't finished btw) I should have to suffer the same. Actually I needed a trim and was starting to get bored w/ my hair, so, while I'm still growing it out, I got it trimmed/thinned(very important) and I also got bangs. I think they called bangs a "fringe" in the olden days.=) Not quite sure if I like it or not, it'll take some getting used to, but it pretty much turned out like I wanted..... anyways.........here's the only picture that was anywhere close to a "before" picture and a few pics I took afterwards.



  1. Cute! It looks different but I love it.
    How did you get it "thinned"? 'Cause I might have to copy you there. :) I'm thinking of cutting my hair.

  2. Thanks. The lady who cut my hair had a special pair of scissors that has a blade, but it's not complete. Not quite sure how it works, but she twists some hair and cuts like three times half-way to the bottom........I think it only cuts a little bit, I don't really know....=)